Get NFT Metadata

Returns key data (e.g., metadata, preview image, collection name) for given NFT

This endpoint should be used to retrieve key information about an NFT.

It includes a media array, which provides:

  • URLs to render small (250x250) and medium (1000x1000) versions of the NFT media directly. If multiple media files exist, we select our best guess of the most relevant file. This also includes the size of the file in bytes, if available.
  • allMediaPaths, which lists all media files available for the NFT. This can be used in conjunction with our Render NFT endpoint to render any of the associated media (incl. audio and video files)

Note: An API key must be provided to render media via the media URLs. The API key can be provided via an auth header or a query parameter (?apiKey=key).


Compute Units = 1

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