Get asset data (multiple assets)

Returns key data (e.g., metadata, preview image, collection name) on multiple assets with single call

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Response will be provided in the same order as the requests. Missing assets will be returned as null. If all requested assets are missing, then response will be an error.

Response will include links to the Center CDN for media rendering. There are two sizes provided:

Preview Image SizeSizeFormat
small200 x 200Image
medium1000 x 1000Image (most often), video (occasionally)

Note: The fallbackToChain param should be used to indicate if you would like Center to attempt to retrieve missing asset information from the blockchain before providing the response (e.g., for freshly minted assets). It should be set to false for performance-sensitive cases, as it will likely lead to slower response times.


Compute Units = Number of assets in response

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