Render NFT

Renders any media for an NFT in desired format

This endpoint should be used to render the media associated with an NFT. Users can specify custom dimensions and file types. Renderer can be used for images, animation, audio and video.


Compute Units = 1 per NFT

There are two presets that are available to all users:

PresetSizeMedia type
small200x200Still image
medium1000x1000Typically image, but may be an animation

To access these presets, simply include them in the filename parameter.

Custom rendering

Our renderer allows you to:

  1. Specify custom dimensions for rendered media
    1. Note: Media will be rendered in its original aspect ratio within the bounds of the size that is specified.
  2. Specify a desired file type (allowing for "Safe Rendering" where users can guarantee media files are rendered in a safe format)
    1. We support .png, .jpg and .gif file types.
  3. Render original media

To specify custom dimensions and file types, enter the desired dimensions and file type into the filename parameter (e.g., "500x500" to render a 500x500 image in whatever format we deem best, "200x200.jpg" to render a 200x200 image transformed into a jpg).

To render the original media in its original size and format, enter original into the filename parameter.

Video and audio

Center supports rendering video and audio in its original format. Follow these instructions to render audio or video files:

  1. Set the filename parameter to original
  2. Set the mediaPath parameter to the path corresponding to the video / audio media
    1. mediaPath is an optional parameter. If nothing is specified, Center will provide the default media for the NFT (which is most often a still image).
    2. To see the set of possible media paths for a particular NFT, you can use the List NFT Media endpoint. The most common media path for video is animation_url. Other common media paths include image (for still images) and external_url.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected].

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