The Center API: The leading crypto API for builders

Welcome to Center! We're so glad that you are building with our API.

What do we do?

Building in crypto is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. We make it easier.

The Center API is a multi-chain, high-performance API designed with speed and developer productivity in mind. We're built to save you time and get you to market faster.

We offer a comprehensive API library for crypto builders:

  • We have over 150 API endpoints available off-the-shelf, ranging from NFT to DeFi to Social.
  • A few examples of things you can do:
    • Render NFTs in your app
    • View recently created pools on Uniswap
    • Calculate trading volumes, floor prices and market caps
    • Track NFT ownership
    • And more!

Need help or want something we don't support yet? Schedule time with us or shoot us an email.

How do you get started?

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Technical details

The Center API is organized around REST.

It has predictable resource-oriented URLs and uses standard HTTP authentication and response codes.